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Corfu Sailing - About Us

It's no secret, the art of sailing is well known to humans since the ancient times. One can either approach sailplan in Corfu area just as a physical or as a recreational
vacationing activity. Corfusail sailplan is a sport that doesn't actually
need you to be hyper-athletes to participate. Strength and good physical abilities are not essential characteristics for getting started in Corfusail. Continuous learning
of the Sailplan sport is the main
key feature of a Corfusail sailplan sailor.
Corfu Sail

What is CorfuSail sailplan?

CorfuSail is one of the very few sports that everyone can participate, regardless of gender, age and physical abilities. No matter if you're six or seven years old, or whatever your age is... anyone can do Corfusail sailplan. All it takes is a strong willpower!
Through sailing we can strengthen the characters of sportswomen and sportsmen, nurturing their willpower, self-confidence
and determination. Sailplan promotes
sport, recreation, team
-building, sociability, stimulating our self-confidence, the development of a sense of responsibility and our determination.

How to join Corfusail sailplan

With sailplan what you definitely need is to be able to swim. The rest you can find out at the hotel of your choice here. What someone needs to get started? Starting
with a g
ood mood, being willing to learn and choose to stay at a nice villa here! Should you get a sailing license? No, sailing license is not needed when there is a qualified Captain (Skipper) on board! Why choosing this way of amusement-holidays? Because you get to explore the beauties of Corfu Island, to visit places where others can't go, to get closer to nature, to live an unforgettable sailing experience, but mostly... to simply enjoy the Corfusail sailplan trip!!!
Sail in Corfu

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